Exhibition Acknowledgements

This exhibit was funded through the interest of Dr. Franklin Murphy and the George E. and Annette Cross Murphy Charitable Fund. Their generous donation also resulted in 2,211 students and 100 teachers spending a day at the Museum learning of New Mexico’s past and their cultural legacy.

The wealth of objects and information presented in The Cañada Alamosa Project: 4000 Years of Agricultural History is the result of the combined efforts of many partners and players. The Museum would like to acknowledge and thank the stalwart crew who made this exhibit possible.

Dennis and Trudy O’Toole
Karl and Toni Laumbach
Stephen Lekson
Deborah Dennis
John Fitch
Virginia McLemore
Jeff Ferguson
Richard Holloway
Ronna Jane Bradley
Sharon Hull
Curtis Monger
David Cain
David Phillips

Martin Hoffmeister
Brian Halstead
Caerllion Thomas
Phillip Shelley
Christopher Adams
Eric Blinman
Gary Hein
James Wakeman
Scott Andrae
Michael Wylde
Delton Estes
Dean Hood
John Schue
Elle Dahlin

Morgan Seamont
Annette Eakes
Mary Lou Estes
Curtis Nepstad-Thornberry
Devon White
Gail Lincoln
Joshua Pfarr
Antonio De Cunzo
Randy and Donna Furr
David Kirkpatrick
Ann Lewis
Kristopher Laumbach
Roy Underhill
Marc Bacon

Geronimo Springs Museum
Human Systems Research laboratory volunteers
Cañada Alamosa Project field volunteers
University of Colorado at Boulder
Eastern New Mexico University
University of New Mexico
New Mexico State University
Cañada Alamosa Institute
Earthwatch Institute field volunteers
Institute of Historical Survey Foundation, Inc.
Human Systems Research, Inc.
New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum
Interviewers and Participants of the CAP Oral History Program

A special note of gratitude to those individuals and institutions that so generously funded the field work and analysis.

Dennis A O’Toole Family Foundation
Human Systems Research, Inc.
The George E. and Annette Cross Murphy Charitable Fund
John Fitch
Richard and Judy Magee
William Floto
Spyros Skouras
A. Brent Reed
Mary Lou Estes
Bob and Terry Finkelstein

William and Christine Little
Neal Ackerly
David and Nancy Soules
Martha Duran
Randy Farmer
Human Systems Research, Inc. Board of Directors (1999-2013)
National Science Foundation
Earthwatch Institute
New Mexico Archaeological Council

Project Documentation and recovered artifacts have been donated to the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

The exhibition was curated by Toni Laumbach.
Photography by John Fitch.
The website was developed by Marc Bacon.